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who is claire brooks?

CLAIRE BROOKS was born in Los Angeles into a family of artists. A rattle was swiftly replaced with her mom’s paint brushes, and her dad made up elaborate original stories for her and her brother every night before bed.

Brooks cycled through a range of interests throughout her childhood; drawing in notebooks, on textbooks, on sidewalks and on all of her shoes. She showed up to grade school sporting t-shirts and dresses personally designed and hand-sewn, often paired with a plasticine grapefruit slice hanging around her neck. She has been singing and writing music for as long as she can remember.

As she grew older, she became obsessed with patterns; making them, breaking them, on all spectrums and planes. She found that she loved math-- beautiful proofs, symmetry within fractals, and the rush of excitement when she finally discovered the solution to a problem. She also has a tangential affinity for numbers, and memorizing them all-- license plates, phone numbers, unit conversions. And then, of course, there’s music, math’s sexier cousin. She writes music as she sees it, the shapes of melodies and the personality of a chord, along with the colors of the numbers as they appear in her head.

Brooks just graduated from Stanford University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering. She’s a multi-instrumentalist, a burgeoning producer and is currently working on mastering and releasing her first EP. Her cult following of listeners appreciate the hypnotic, genre-bending compositions they hear through her snippets, private demos and few public releases. Her soundscape lies in the realm of psychedelic-indie-pop, entwined with R&B vocals and raps, all laced with a sexy, jazzy flair.

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