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At first glance, her latest single is fun, light on its feet and follows the well-worn architecture of radio-play songs. But underneath its facade, Oxygen is a modern chant that hides an urgent question: What does it mean to breathe? What does it mean to be alive?

“We often take for granted the atmospheric harmony that allows the human condition to exist,” Brooks said to the crowd at the Near Future Summit on October 12th, “The lyrics of this song try to understand that. Oxygen asks listeners what it means to rely on air and how crucial it is to our ability to survive.”

The indie electronic single opens with a poppy light-heartedness and encourages a large inhale from its listeners. In the second verse, Brooks raises her voice and the tone gets darker. She tackles the reality of carbon based life– born into an addiction to the natural world. How does one live in moderation when they have no other choice?

On October 12th, LA artist and producer previewed her upcoming single, Oxygen, at the Near Future Summit following performances from Aloe Blacc and Rachel Platten. An incubator for environmental activists, climate futurists, and entrepreneurs, Near Future showcased Brooks’ song because of its commentary on the natural world, humanity’s primal addiction to air, and what it feels like to be alive in the 21st century. On Wednesday, October 26th she performed her first public show at Adults Only in West Hollywood through Breaking Sound, previewing the single once again.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022


Independent musician Claire Brooks releases her debut single Body Language. Written, produced, and performed by Brooks, her track introduces her as a genuine multihyphenate artist. To experience Body Language is to let loose and break things, cry about the nighttime, and take over the world.

Body Language opens with a buttery vocal hook accompanied by her analog synthesizer. Jazzy, sultry chords underlay the song’s lyrical choices that set a tone of confusion that Claire has about her “situationship” with another. As her voice guides the listener through the introduction of the song, a chime of the vintage Juno 106 synth ends the scene, and an unexpected Yo yo yo invites a beat drop and a smooth rap verse. Claire talks about overthinking and under paying-attention in her world that always seems crowded with too many people to remember and connect with.

“This song is a nod to my unhealthy relationship with social media specifically,” Claire explains. “I feel like I’m on my phone way too much because I need to stay connected, but can’t decipher the real and genuine connections from the face-tuned ones.”

Brooks lets her audience know that she’s here for a good time, to listen to good music, to run away from information-overload and chase a feeling instead. She compliments her thoughts with lighthearted topics such as charming addictions to coffee and Advil, and the unholy pairing of the male-gaze and a sundress. Goofy adlibs cut through her verses as if her inner voice has a personality of its own.

When the hook comes back and the song concludes, she makes evidence that her initial confusion is a result of the skewed perception she has of the world that social media addiction has wrought.

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